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Urceus Exit – Metro

Urceus Exit - Metro

CDS, Artoffact, 2005

Richard Duggan alias Urceus Exit, who has been creating music since 1997, has recently found a home in the label Artoffact. It must be noted, that that label has hit the mark when signing up this artist!
A quick attempt to classify the music of Urceus Exit at first glance will most likely fail. His music can be conditionally categorized as techno-industrial/electro/futurepop/electronica but doesn’t fit easily into any of these styles as none of these actually describes Urceus Exit’s music with accuracy.
The first track, the album version of “Metro”, shows how hard it is to deal with formal definitions. More dashing, more straightforward and forcing-assault is the next track, “Metro (shy brothers remix)”, which can be put into the techno/trance area. “Together (Erogenous Mix)” pulls out at one stroke from that crazy rhythm through its electronica elements. “Soil (dark slavery mix)” continues the sound morphing, and after a long unfolding it becomes techno-industrial combined with strong breakbeat elements. Another remix, “Metro (this mixed up enjoy land)” is more refined, a multilevel electro-interpretation of composition, where we can hear even hip-hop in the vocals. Due to its specific technoid nature, “You Taste Like” can be reminiscent of Haujobb. “These Spots In My Eyes” carries out into the blunt and enigmatic world of electronica, where all the time it feels that some mystery, secretly hiding almost out of focus, slightly moves into different sides, but all the secrets remain hidden in this surrealistic world. In the end one more remix, “Metro (pushing through these crowds)” a straightforward electro/techno-industrial track. The main track of this single was chosen extremely successfully – it’s hard to imagine a better advertisement for the upcoming album!


— Igor

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