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Tor Lundvall – The Seasons Unfold (sampler)

Tor Lundvall - The Seasons Unfold (sampler)

CD, Strange Fortune, 2007

Tor Lundvall is a name which is being increasingly mentioned on the experimental electronic scene in general, an acclaimed purveyor of “ghost ambient” music, and soon he is to release a four CD set entitled “The Seasons Unfold”. However, as this is clearly a momentous occasion and Tor’s supporters might be impatient waiting for the special day, Strange Fortune have released this four-track sampler CD which is being given away for free with any purchase on the label’s site. While it is not what I would personally consider sufficient material for review, this sampler still shows a brief glimpse of what awaits the listener in the full release, along with a couple of tracks that didn’t make it into the final release of “The Seasons Unfold”.
The music is soft and delicate, pleasant while occasionally suggesting a little darkness, especially on the closing track “November’s Fields”. Gentle melodies flow calmly into the listener’s conscience and spacious instrumental arrangements provide soothing release. The two central tracks, “29” and “The Backyard” feature Tor’s whimsical and hazy vocals, and this is for me the main aspect which pushes this release disappointingly into slightly new age territory, with overly sweet lyrics about children playing and things fading away… This release will certainly go down well in the psych folk and minimal ambient scenes.


— Nathan Clemence

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