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The Liar’s Rosebush / Scrape[dx] – collect:erase

The Liar's Rosebush / Scrape[dx] - collect:erase

CD, Hive Records, 2005

Rather than a ‘simple split’, the excellent “collect:erase”, released in late 2005 in the American label Hive Records, is the result of a de facto collaborative effort between two rather talented electronic musicians: Matt Rosen (alias The Liar’s Rosebush) and Joshua Colella (alias Scrape[dx]/Scrap.edx).
“collect:erase” is a very vivid album, almost immersive, with excellent extremely detailed and carefully constructed excellent compositions, indicating that there was some careful planning when sculpting the album’s musical pieces. This is the kind of release that demands, and deserves, a high-end stereo or a very good set of headphones and the listener’s attention to be properly appreciated, by fully perceiving the detailed developments that the album goes through as it progresses.
While each section (“erase” and “collect”) has its own identity and could easily stand on its own, when taken together, they allow some perspective into the style of each artist and how their collaboration worked in shaping each other’s material. “collect”, the ‘section’ primarily composed by Matt Rosen is perhaps the most obvious and accessible as well as organic part of this release, with the thumping breakbeat structures and oneiric atmospheric soundscapes giving it a very human feeling. By contrast, the composition of Joshua Colella’s “erase” section seems somewhat more subtle, due to the careful use and placement of glitches and samples, as well as more mechanical with its dry and robotic beats.
Track placement (or artist placement?) is another important factor in this release. Scrape[dx] steadily builds up a barrage of mechanical soundscapes which can have the effect of ‘erasing’ (pun intended) the listener’s resistance, increasing the effect of The Liar’s Rosebush “collect” compositions.
The two follow-up remix tracks follow the theme that each remixer picked (or was assigned) with different degrees of success. Iszoloscope’s contribution fits perfectly with Matt Rosen’s organic and atmospheric constructions even after twisting it them to fit his own vision. With the Duran Duran Duran, something seems to have been lost, his remix is intense but it is also too straightforward, lacking any of the subtlety permeating “erase”.
“collect:erase” is an outstanding release, especially for those that appreciate skilled and careful sound construction and manipulation, with IDM and experimental breaks. For those not normally into this kind of sound structures, this collaboration release can be a great introduction to different musical perspectives and should definitely be checked out (preferably with open mind and attentive ears).


— Miguel de Sousa

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