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SynchDub – Twilight Last Glance

SynchDub - Twilight Last Glance

CD-R, self-released, 2008

A decently sinister approach kicks off this neat little seven-tracker. Cleverly layered backwards folding drones are given carriage with warm filtered bass lines and simplistic but effective beats that have given this release an almost driving nature, like it’s about to kick off at any minute but is necessarily reserved.
As with the title of this project there is a certain element of dub going on here, but in reality this floats around the more experimental side of electronica. When this lets fly with the pads is when it’s at its most effective. Also, it should rely less on the quieter moments where the obscurities become a little repetitive and in very slight cases, border on the annoying.
There is just a little too much restraint on a lot of this release and that is a shame, with far too much meandering and ending tracks before they reach fruition, but this is obviously a new act in the grand scheme of things and the learning curve that they have yet to achieve is blatant for all to hear. However, despite this project’s infancy there is more than a ray of hope, as displayed on “Without a Voice”, where the lush electronics are just aching to be let free, making this as frustrating a release as it is, in equal measure, enjoyable.
In sum, a lot to learn with regards to overall flow and ironing out the sound for this project. There may be something special on the horizon for what appears to be a neat and solid act that I am sure we will hear of in the future if they play their cards right.


— Tony Young

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