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Supreme Court – Hypocrites + Saints

Supreme Court - Hypocrites + Saints

CD, Black Rain, 2007

This dark electro/EBM offering can, for me, be summed up in three sections – issues, influences and impression – each of which I will elaborate on.
First off, issues: Supreme Court are a gloomy, tormented bunch of misogynists with severe mother problems, as clearly evidenced by the acknowledgements page of the CD booklet, and song titles like “Loving Kind of Cunt”. At some point they also have to decide for themselves whether they love or hate their fan base – “Traitors and Cowards” details the grudge resulting from some previous betrayal, while “Help Me Up” is so overwhelmingly saccharine in its gratitude that one starts to wonder what they’re compensating for.
Influences on this record range from scene/genre contemporaries to some unexpected, but very welcome commercial, pop-electro hooks (as exhibited in “Voice of Lying”). The remixes presented on the bonus disc showcase a far more interesting side of the band, through interpretations ranging stylistically from traditional EBM (from Lights of Euphoria), to quasi-industrial (from Retractor). Personally, I find these mixes more memorable than the original album edits. Another nice touch is the inclusion of old demo tracks from 1995 onwards, showcasing how the band’s sound has evolved into what it now is.
The final impression I’m left with is one of insincerity. Musically, Supreme Court can be effortlessly slotted into the mix alongside acts like Aslan Faction or Grendel, but lacks the emotional impact either of the aforementioned offer the listener. This is largely the fault of the oversaturation of the dark and harsh electro genres by a myriad of clone bands, trying to emulate older, better and more experienced acts. Supreme Court unfortunately fail to convince the listener of their torment; rather, they come off as sounding petulant and frustrated, never achieving the true trauma-inducing misanthropic darkness their music promises.


— David vander Merwe

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