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Strange2 – partes.de.un.todo

 - partes.de.un.todo

CD, Lovethechaos, 2006

David Jornet, who is well-known in the Spanish scene by such projects as Klockwork, Asphalt!.., has launched his new project for a representation of his own view of modern electronics, which, it might be supposed, should differ from works done by musician before.
In the context of this album, David experiments with piano sequences, trying to create different shades of atmosphere, which may be described as melancholic and not too positive or bright on the whole; however, here and there some jolly notes break through. Of course, his musical arsenal doesn’t limit itself to the aforementioned experiments. As a whole this album is a very intriguing and varied mixture of idm/minimal with electronica/ambient and a little bit of noise and drone-ambient. Together this mixture creates a feeling of a “soundtrack” style of music.
Tracks of “Partes.de.un.todo” album may vary its mood from quiet dismal up to bright and actually positive in rare instances. The main thing is that these variations occur unpredictably: it would seem that, when the listener got accustomed with one kind of mood and atmosphere, everything starts to change very quickly, and soon you feel that practically there’s nothing left from previous attributes of the sound environment, another atmosphere having taken its place instead.
These changes in mood are reflected by changes to Strange2’s musical structures, with track constitution varying constantly: minimal electronic music is exchanged with more complex structures and vice versa. More minimalistic elements bring more dismal mood, while others add some positive into the soundscapes. David Jornet has also sampled some of William S. Burroughs dialogs extracts, adding an extra layer of meaning to some tracks.
On the whole, “Partes.de.un.todo” can be described as an album of full of surprises. And the surprises begin with the impressive artwork: a digipack consisting of separate crosswise folded parts which appears as an individual work of art, showing a sense of taste and positively predisposes for listening to the album’s music.


— Igor

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