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Skin Contact – Antitrust

Skin Contact - Antitrust

CD-R, self-released, 2009

Dark electronic break-beat is what you can expect from this little gem of a release from Skin Contact titled “Antitrust”. Simply complex, or complexity disguised as simplicity; those were my thoughts as I put my headphones on, turned up the volume, and begun listening. As I’m in some need of expanding my musical horizons, “Antitrust” does it for me. The entire album gives itself to easy listening, I found this to be true for the whole album except the three “Intermittence” tracks, which I found to be a little bit too long, but this is just a minor knock on an otherwise excellent release.
Well, let’s start the dissection of the single pieces of work presented to us. I shall move in no particular order, but will start with “Antitrust”, being that the album goes by the same name. It starts mellow enough, but soon you are presented with a nice rolling industrial break-beat, and the industry just keeps on rolling in its slow yet very effective manner.
Next one up on the chopping block is “Stinger”. Unlike “Antitrust”, “Stinger” is a groovier tune but still in line with the overall atmosphere of the album. More melodic in nature I found my self nodding in rhythm every time I listen to it.
If you are into some dramatic string action, look no further than “Every Last One”. Sweeping synths blend effortlessly with the strings while the beat stomps in the background. As if that weren’t enough at the end of the track you get treated with a cinematic dialogue wrapping the tune up nicely.
Finally, we are presented with the last 3 tracks, the remixes of “Antitrust”, “Not Convinced” and “Set the Hook”. “Antitrust” (Hyperdoubt mix) by Defrost is as good as the original if not better. Think of a fusion between Bladerunner and the early Terminator movies. That is what’s going on here; brilliant! The other two are not as memorable as this one, but they still hold their own.
Overall “Antitrust” by Skin Contact is a great album waiting to be a part of your collection


— Ivan K.

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