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Radial – Nexus

Radial - Nexus

CD, Triumvirate, 2001

Brilliant. That would be a pretty fitting short description for “Nexus”, the musical offering of one-man-project Radial. Lasting 3 minutes more than an hour, it provides some masterfully created, rock-solid tunes, in a release easily comparable in quality to the work of acts much older and accomplished.
Heavy noise pumping, driven by beats immense enough to bring down walls and tear down subwoofers, adorned with gracefully timed frequencies and samples, immersing the listener in the dark and aggressive soundscapes right before throwing him in search of the nearest floor.
Best played loudly, “Nexus” has a maturity and complexity that is almost unexpected for a first release, and certainly more than welcome in a genre that suffers greatly from “plug and play and serve as a powernoise record” releases. The mastering is well done, emphasizing the heavier segments of the music making the release a must have for any club/DJ.
A perfect buy for anyone even slightly interested in noisy and aggressive dance music, “Nexus” is an excellent release by Triumvirate, and Radial is meant for much musical greatness.


— George Mouratidis

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