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Quelles Paroles – Everlasting

Quelles Paroles - Everlasting

download-only CDS, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2006

Behind the pack of well-known names and legends in electronic music, there is always the possibility to overlook unknown projects that produce nothing less than musical masterpieces – the Swedish trio known as Quelles Paroles is one of these cases.
The single “Everlasting” consists of three tracks and was released after the debut album “Life in Knots”. The first track, “Everlasting (short edit)”, is an upgraded and revised edit version of the original. It is a sweet song about eternal and everlasting love, about a girl that will stay with you “until the end of the world”, as a more popular project also sings. Simple, no reinvented the wheel, this track features the typical synthpop formula that hypnotizes the listener.
The following track, a ballad titled “Stay”, is largely scaled by the previous energy-driven track and retains its soft ambience and enchanting atmosphere. The last track of this single is a remixed version of “In Motion”, balancing a slightly dirtier sound with the musical formula of the preceding tracks, in a somewhat contrasting game of sound.
As a single, “Everlasting” creates a pleasant and enjoyable introduction to Quelles Paroles full-length “Life in Knots”.


— Igor

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