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Psyche – Babylon Deluxe

Psyche - Babylon Deluxe

CD, Accession Records, 2003

Psyche have been around creating electronic music since the mid-80’s. Since then, changes to the band’s line-up have occurred and their sound has also evolved into the characteristic kind of dark-edged electro-pop it is today. Having been around for so long and having become a significant influence in modern electro-pop, they are a band which can be considered as ‘genre-defining’, as opposed to ‘genre-defying’.
“Babylon Deluxe”, Psyche’s latest album, is nothing short of what one would expect from Psyche: upbeat danceable rhythms and well-crafted melodies coupled with darker, insightful lyrics and Darrin Huss’ clear and characteristic vocals.
Songs as “Gods and Monsters” and “Final Destination”, which stand out as the catchier songs in the album, may be the also the ones more suitable to a dance environment, while songs like “Sacrament” and “Equinoxe” are more pensive and brooding. “X-Rated” almost seems to be a nod to Electroclash© sonorities. A very interesting piece is the instrumental “Nightwalk Theme” which seems rather playful and probably would not be out of place as sound-track material for a spooky cartoon of some kind.
However, despite being a very good album with excellent material, it still remains that “Babylon Deluxe” is ‘another great release by Psyche’ and not ‘a ground-breaking release by Psyche’. It is ‘just’ Psyche doing very good work in a genre which they have defined themselves. Worth checking out if one doesn’t know Psyche or if one is a fan.


— Miguel de Sousa

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