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Provocateur – Consider This A Warning

Provocateur - Consider This A Warning

EP CDR, self-released, 2005

This excellent EP is the first release of the collaboration between Stacia Tucker (of Infrastructure) and jazz/folk singer Matthew Connor (with additional production by Clint Sand of Cut.Rate.Box three tracks), in anticipation for a full-length to be released later this year.
The defining feature of Provocateur is the interesting and innovative idea of applying a jazz/folk-type of singing to electronic music compositions influenced by Electropop and EBM (not unlike a couple of tracks by ThouShaltNot but pushing the concept even further). The coordination of great musical compositions and clear talented vocals is close to flawless, with the end result being a unique and easily recognizable sound. If, in addition, one also considers the excellent lyrics, Provocateur’s songs definitely wouldn’t be out of place in a cabaret, musical or as part of a soundtrack to a road movie of some sort (especially the “lust, jack daniels, cigarettes and a touch of sleaze” kind).
A couple of tracks are sure to stick around in one’s head for extended periods of time, like the title track “Consider This A Warning” and “Out Of My System”. A particularly intense track, and probably the ‘sleeper’ of this release, is “Ain’t Big Enough”, which features a duet between Matt and Stacia.
“Consider this a Warning” is a very solid and promising debut release, with almost universal appeal. Judging from debut effort, a full-length release by this duo is something definitely worth looking forward to.


— Miguel de Sousa

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