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Prometheus Burning – Beyond Repair

Prometheus Burning - Beyond Repair

CD, Hive Records, 2005

The history of Prometheus Burning started in 1999 when Greg VanEck and Nicole Palmer began experimenting with sound. The duo parted ways in 2001 but, two years later, Nicole returned to help Greg record his first album after his several solo demo efforts. More than year later, the album “Influenza” was released. Now the time has come for their second album, which, thanks to Hive Records, will undoubtedly enlarge Promethus Burning’s fanbase.
“Beyond Repair” is an album where sound is in constant movement and never repeated, cloning identical tracks is clearly not part of this duo’s plans. The music can be described as a little bit sick, crazy and, as this is rhythmic noise, aggressive, but without sounding primitive. The sound structures are intricate with the finer details playing the main role, overall allowing the project to evolve. There is a clear feeling Prometheus Burning fully work on their tracks, down to the smallest details, without any “scheduled creativity” of trying to churn out material by the truckload. The main thing to note is that Prometheus Burning’s music is totally involving.
For some, upon first listen, “Beyond Repair” may sound boring, uninteresting and seemingly a waste of time. However, with subsequent listens, it’s inevitable that this negativity will transform into total admiration and one begins to feel some tight connection between mind and the music penetrating through the ears into the brain, reaching a state when you really want to listen and listen to it…
Among tracks exceptionally attacking your mind, there are two club bombs which will really force you to furiously move on the dancefloor – the album’s opener “Some Things Are Meant To Stay Broken” and club nuclear bomb contender “Significantly Altered”. In short, Prometheus Burning skilfully solve all the tasks for an album by offering food for thought and body with “Beyond Repair”.
After a release like “Beyond Repair”, we can only hope that Prometheus Burning will continue in the same way and that this album shows simply nothing but the quality of their potential!


— Igor

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