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Obszön Geschöpf – Tomb of the Dead

Obszon Geschopf - Tomb Of The Dead

CD, Mortuary Records, 2005

Obzsön Geschöpf (translation: Obscene Creature) is Remzi Kellici and this is his third album under this moniker. It would seem that he has now parted company with BLC Records (on which his second full length “Son Of Evil” was released) and this is released on his own Mortuary records.
I had previously purchased the “Son Of Evil” album and was very underwhelmed at the production but am pleased to say that this new disc has come on in leaps and bounds in terms of clarity. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have it flaws as, even thought the production has improved, it’s still very simplistic and the lyrics are barely intelligible (but does that really matter with this kind of Terror-EBM/Hellektro?). However it’s not all doom and gloom (an ironic statement given the subject matter of the album which deals with the tradition themes of violence, the supernatural and that old favourite… sex). What lifts this release above many others in the genre is the relative light heartedness and sheer over the top aspects of the music. Sure, sampling from horror films and porn movies is nothing new but on this album is seems to be approached with an almost “Hammer Horror”-like enthusiasm.
The more memorable tracks for me are the more mid-paced tracks as the uptempo ones seem a little too generic. “God Damn” and “Tomb Of The Dead” are my personal favourites as they incorporate some nice chime samples and the title track uses an almighty drum sound that is sure to garner it some club play. “Coffin Shop” and “Sinister Bleeding” also stand out above the rest of the album due to their use of sampled metal guitars, which is unashamedly Coldwave.
Bottom line is that “Tomb Of The Dead” is generic to a tee but fans of splatter-EBM and horror buffs should lap it up, and I would not hesitate in recommending it to those fans who wish it was ’93 again…


— Michael Hinchliffe

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