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Nitrous Flesh – Shadow Fracture

Nitrous Flesh - Shadow Fracture

CD, Tantric Terror, 2003

Why not review an album which has been available for some time already, if the album deserves it… “Shadow Fracture” from Nitrous Flesh is an album with those qualities. The first three tracks were given the seemingly incomprehensive titles “ALTARD”, “NGANGA” and “RELLIK”. All within the seven minute mark they consist of slow pulsating rhythms. Not real industrial but maybe better defined as rhythmic ambient drones: Built around a theme, evolving in a chaotic yet determined way. These first ones might very well appeal to admirers from Brighter Death Now, En Nihil or other death-ambient.
The other six tracks on “Shadow Fracture” are more towards ambient- noise, but of the (very) good kind. Slow spatial movements in different audio-layers make you forget about where you are and what time you had that appointment. Especially the live recording “Wormwould” is gorgeous. You can only imagine being in a venue, lights dimmed, heavy basses playing with the location of your kidneys and liver. During the thirteen minutes this track plays, you get completely mind-fucked on your time perspective. So basically instead of the 68 minutes this CD actually has, you get over two hours worth of memory-failures and time-lapses. How’s that for a release being worth buying!
The mastering is done by Phil Easter who did a great job in letting those sounds sparkle. Crispy layers over massive bassed drones…
Yes, that’s the exact word that describes this release: ‘massive’.


— Bauke van der Wal

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