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Mimetic Tale – Personal Plot

Mimetic Tale - Personal Plot

3″ CD-R, Thisco, 2005

Clocking at just a bit more than 20′, this 4-track 3″ CDR (phew!) by Mimetic Tale makes up for an entertaining addition to ThisCo’s catalogue and, of course, your collection.
While the (too) minimalistic ambience of the intro track fails to impress or even appeal, things change from the second track onwards, the breaks and keyboards meshing with the hauntingly chill chimes of “Le Spectre”, before proceeding into more distorted sounds with “The North Side Of My Heart”, a real IDM treat that’s worth the price of admission by itself, sitting firmly between Industrial and Powernoise territory. And mentioning Powernoise, we have “Harsh Feeling”, the final track of the EP, where fast and aggressive beats collide against some harsh and distorted frequencies, all to our rhythmic delight. Certainly one of the projects from which I’d look forward to a full album.
Were it not for what feels like 4 minutes wasted on a droe on repeat (which is 1/5th of the record, too sizeable a part to ignore), we’d have a flawless release. Still, as it is, “Personal Plots” is worth both your time, and your money.


— George Mouratidis

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