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Metaorganism – I:Baphomet

Metaorganism - I:Baphomet

CD-R, Some Place Else, 2008

The last few releases I received from Some Place Else have been somewhat noisy affairs. Metaorganism initially struck me that they might head off down the same path. Thankfully, there was a reprieve from the bludgeoning and ear pummelling, treating me instead to wave upon wave of black drones and murmuring synthetic hisses, rich and greasy with an undercurrent of threatening postures.
“I:Baphomet” toys with machine like ambience, not too dissimilar to a creaking great iron bridge that is bowing in the wind and ready to crash into the sea. It’s an effective use of sound for at least the first three tracks, which take up nearly 28 minutes (or the first half of the album to you and me). The main issue I have with this release is that the second half of the release follows on exactly where the first section left off. You pretty much know where Metaorganism lay their head after a very short period of time and unless you have nothing better to do with your life but stare into space for a good hour while the throbbing sound of electro magnetic airwaves bubble around inside your head, then this really won’t strike a chord with you.
This is all in all a decent ambient affair, but one that doesn’t really venture into challenging you with anything more than a couple of layers at a time, sometimes lacking the necessary depth which could ultimately lift it to heights of many of its contemporaries.
Nothing bad, but nothing amazing either, and a stop gap filling any dead air you might have when you just want something to fill the empty silence whilst relaxing in your abode.


— Tony Young

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