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Merzbow – Bariken

Merzbow - Bariken

CD, Blossoming Noise, 2004

If you wish to practice aural shado-masochism, I advise you to get this unbelievable album by Merzbow, released in 2004 in the Blossoming Noise label (from which we also reviewed the latest KK.Null release). The Japanese master of noise offers us one of his most enjoyable industrial masterworks in 30 years.
Once the disc begins to play, you’ll have the impression of having your head being buried in sand under a tide of raging waves. Little by little, grains of sand penetrate your ear canals causing the inner ear membranes to resonate under this hail until reaching an extreme of noise extasy.
In the history of Art there are painters as important as Jackson Pollock, Soulages or Bacon to pervert our senses but none has reached the visual paroxysm of Masami Akita with his explosive sound performances. With Japanese fetishism, alien bondage and pain as a guideline, mr. Akita is boundary pushing artist: those of our bodies, our spirit and our reality because he explodes the conception of contemporary music with the five hallucinogenic tracks contained in this album (“Minka.1”, “Bariken”, “Minka.2”, “Minka.3”, “Bariken/reprise -Mother of Mirrors”) which easily transport you into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, there where Zen science is nothing more than a distant memory of the self-destructed human kind.


— Pedro PeƱas y Robles

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