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Loss – A Letter That Will Never Be Sent

Inner Demons - Loss

3″ CD-R, Inner Demons, 2004

This first release from Inner Demons could be best described as short and sweet… but for those of you going for details in reviews, it’s seventeen minutes of the most emotional (yes, you did read that right) powernoise you have heard, the three tracks that comprise this release being absolutely strong and aggressive.
Like a collage of negative emotions and hostile sounds, the slow-paced rhythms and walls of noise punch their way through your speakers and into your skull with unrelenting malice, while the vocals (laced with enough distortion to be nigh incomprehensible) tear you apart, dragging whatever remains of you along for one scary ride through the personal hells that inspired it.
From the first track’s full feedback assault (and absolutely brilliant title), to the melancholic melody of the closing track, Loss display impressive music-making skills, especially in conveying every single tone of emotion through a genre that’s notorious for its harsh coldness. The excellent packaging also adds points to this release, only leaving us with a hope that Loss will be confronting their inner demons again in a longer, even more epic aural battle, and soon.


— George Mouratidis

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