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Littl Shyning Man – Heart of the Wud

Littl Shyning Man - Hart of the Wud

Download Only EP, Sonic360, 2005

I’ll admit I was very skeptic towards this release before getting to hear it. See, CD-covers in earthly colours, adorned with trees, twines and bad spelling are among the few things that can literally scare me shitless. Amassing all my courage and putting aside my prejudice, I closed my eyes and pressed play. Half an hour later, which is the duration of “Hart Of The Wud”, I was very, very compelled to press play again.
Chris Haworth, the “Littl Shyning Man” himself, has created a debut that would give any new artist great reason to be proud of. Simple and beautiful, the guitar lays the framework around which most tracks are built, with the addition of synths and drums that have a gentle and almost organic feel. The rhythms and structures are easy to follow, and even easier to carry you along into silent thought and appreciation.
Sensitive, melancholic, the music found in “Hart Of The Wud” is deeply emotional, setting an excellent mood for those moments of introspection. Almost obligatory listening to the headphone recluses out there, and an excellent gift to anyone with a taste in good music, including yourselves, Littl Shyning Man’s work is guaranteed to win you.


— George Mouratidis

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