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Knar / Mr. Genetor – Split CD

Knar / Mr. Genetor - Split CD

CD-R/free download, D-Trash Records, 2008

Knar and Mr Genetor, two noise-mad Canadian producers of electronic lunacy, have combined their efforts to present this (very imaginatively named) split CD. While Mr Genetor is a relatively new addition to D-Trash’s stable of artists, Knar has been at work for quite some time – his 2000 release, “Neo Industrial Zombie”, has been lauded as a great example of trashcore/breakbeat mayhem – especially as it was produced entirely on a C64!
This lo-fi approach is not as evident on “Split CD”. While the production quality remains minimal, even primitive at times, it is still crisp and clean. Except, of course, where the static bursts of brown noise are supposed to appear and fry your synapses. To be perfectly honest, this is one of the better-assembled albums of this genre on the market. “This genre”, of course, refers to that grey area falling between erratic, complex glitchiness à la Squarepusher and semi-industrial breaks in the vein of Panacea. To complicate matters, there is also the undeniable presence of some serious downtempo ambient atmosphere (that would not be considered out of place on an Autechre record) to contend with, too. In other words, fairly standard IDM fare – but seriously listenable, unlike much modern electronica that all starts to sound the same halfway through the CD.
The album itself (a rare thing, with split discs, to be treated to a full 13 tracks when the majority of artists make similar projects a quick five or six track EP) possesses a wonderfully protean feel – growing from deeply atmospheric, through frenetic breakbeats and finally emerging as a mature, melodic sound over the last few tracks. There is no one highlight that can be identified on “Split CD” – whether viewed as a holistic entity or as individual offerings, Knar and Mr Genetor have created one of the better examples of contemporary noisy IDM available today.


— David vander Merwe

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