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Klangstabil – Vertraut

Klangstabil - Vertraut

CD, Ant Zen, 2010

This is a release of one of Klangstabil’s most well received songs, “Vertraut” and serves as a maxi-single with a few original (pre-version) treats.
The original version displays the IDM sensibility of Klangstabil and pounds out the rhythms amidst light sparkling piano hooks. Somatic Responses’ “Nostalgic remix” takes the samples and feeds this high grade acid, bending and altering the space of the song – the mix becomes a manic mix of percussion that is effected and pulled to the point of breaking before time-stretching into oblivion. Torben Wendt’s “For a Friend remix” follows with a soothing current of pads and deep drum grooves that swell into cinematic crescendos and chunky guitar riffs while Access To Arasaka’s “Neutral Chernobyl remix” displays his signature style of glitch-ridden percussion, endless soundscapes, and ability to pull a low note into infinity. Keef Baker’s “Wizballs Out! Remix” creates a bittersweet melody with strings weeping over the melody and acoustic drums, a mix which becomes a little confused in the pacing midway through, climbing to heights with Air influenced synths and then losing momentum. Synapscape’s “Ostball remix” seems more experimental than usual with off-key notes, manic layers of distorted drums, and skewed samples. It is followed by Daniel Myer’s “Renegade of Noise remix”, demonstrating crystal-clear production with slow ramping towards an anthemic string climax. KSD’s “What Do You Want remix”, seems quite minimal after the prior track and appears to only find its groove midway through the song. L’ombre’s “Rejected remix” is utterly melancholy and perfect in its simplicity with rapid fire repeat whirs and glitches echoing in a lo fidelity space.
The last two songs on the release are the pre-versions or alternate versions which include “Zweiter Schritt (pre-version of away)” and “Ein Schritt Weiter (pre-version of beziehungsohr)”. The first is a long conversation that aches to the point of eruption, but never achieves climax – it conveys the sullen tone and subtle mood of the musician while leaving the listener wanting more. “Ein Schritt Weiter” reminds me of watching Blade Runner in a foreign language, with the crisp pads searing across the soundscape over an ocean of low ambience and chiming keys.
Overall, the production value and versatility of remixes is great but I think this release will only truly appeal to the long time Klangstabil fans. This is a sad fact with any release that appears to be a single and those who overlook it because of this will miss out on some incredible interpretations of the fan-renowned song.


— James Church

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