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Kirdec – Killed By A Coconut

Kirdec - Killed By A Coconut

CD, Syrphe, 2007

C-drik Fermont is really not one of those who sit around the house. It’s hard to say what is primary for him – performing and collaborating with local artists around the world or writing music as a standalone project. Who knows, maybe he can do the second thing only in conjuction with the first, with no wish to stop his endless world tour.
Despite of the harsh, aggressive sound of “Killed by a Coconut”, the tracks of this album are dedicated to a very delicate question as C-drik is a militant vegan, much concerned about animals’ destiny. Killing of animals justified by “fake arguments”, as Fermont says, is the main theme for the artist in this album. To embody the idea of the album, C-drik has chosen such styles as idm, breakcore and drone-ambient.
Key tracks in “Killed by a Coconut” are “Struggle For Life” and “Holocaust In Your Plate”. Up to the moment they start to play, there’s a sense of a pressure being lifted, with the sound growing very fast in intensity with each passing track. After the first three tracks album reaches its peak (as a matter of fact, it’s easy to guess where the “Killed by a Coconut” peaks just by reading the tracklist). The downside of “Killed by a Coconut” is that you cannot always feel the tracks or stay concentrated. That’s because of different level of the tracks, with some of them sounding better than others. There’s almost a feeling that C-drik is limbering up from time to time, trying to prepare better for the album’s high spots.
Here and there C-drik also uses orchestral and choral samples, these elements accentuating the tragedy, absurdity and aggression of animal massacre. “Veganism”, in its turn, is the dictum-track, sizing up of above-mentioned tracks, with a female vocoded voice speaking about the advantages of veganism and the nonsense of eating meat of dead animal, which, as stated, is not a vital need. It concludes with a drone-ambient track appears – kind of “soundtrack” for mass, continual killing of animals on a global scale… In the end, it’s worth noting that “Killed by a Coconut”, whether you like it or not, does force one to think on the album’s main question and theme.


— Igor

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