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Kerkville – Days

Kerkville - Days

CD-R, Triple Bath, 2010

The first album is by Kerkville, from Athens. The cover shows a snowy mountain, an atmosphere which can lead to many styles of sound, but indicating a certain coldness. But ‘cold’ is definitely not the word that would come to mind listening to the album. The instruments used on “Days” are guitars: classical, acoustic, electric, lap steel, pedal steel and, on one track, a lonely, lost piano can be heard.
Mihalis Moshoutis is a gifted guitarist, for which the album definitely is a showcase. He spent nine months recording ten tracks with a total playing time of about 50 minutes. The sounds are partially left ‘as is’, and at certain moments they are quite manipulated – however, still mostly recognizable as guitar.
So you wonder if it’s any good… Well, yes. It is definitly a high standard, as we are accustomed from Triple Bath, but despite that it is an enjoyable album, and good listening, and great artwork, and very well performed… it also lacks something. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it just doesn’t ‘fit’. The album will appeal to people who have an ambient collection, but also who, on occasion, still listen to Ry Cooder’s “Paris Texas”.
One of the tracks is found on YouTube, giving a good impression of the atmospheres and exactly that feeling. It wouldn’t surprise me to find Mihalis in the credits of a movie for writing its soundtrack.
The grade Kerkville is getting is a six, but with that comparison to Ry Cooder it should be seen as a compliment!


— Bauke van der Wal

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