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Juan Matos Capote – Jabal

Juan Matos Capote - Jabal

Cassette Tape, Circuit Torçat, 2009

Juan Matos Capote is a sound and visual artist who currently resides in Barcelona and whose impressive resume includes studying circuit-bending under Reed Ghazala. This is the first tape I have been given to review and, as a huge fan of the tape format (some of my favorite acts right now release almost exclusively in the tape format), I have to admit that this was the first one in the current stack I threw in.
Judging from the sounds in this release I’d have to assume these tracks were composed using various electronic devices and Mr. Capote knows how to make some interesting noise I must say. He has moments of extremity without being harsh and assaulting with subtle and gentle melodies amidst the high frequencies. The release is short, at only sixteen minutes, but it all flows together so nicely without anything feeling like filler material. Nevertheless, to be perfectly honest, I would have no complaints if the track “Tide” went on for a good ten minutes.
The tape itself comes with well done full color artwork which looks very professional. A limited edition of 50 copies, I suggest you get a copy for yourself while you still can! Furthermore, due to the exceptional quality of this release I look very forward to future releases from Circuit Torçat Records.


— Charlie Martineau

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