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Halovox – Halovox

Halovox - Halovox

CD, self-released, 2004

The debut album of Halovox is a strong showing in the world of generic synthpop. While not a compelling source of independent craftsmanship or original sound, Halovox is worth checking out simply because it is good music.
In the same way that most synthpop artists stick with the tried and true fruity sound ala Cosmicity, Brave New World, or pretty much every other band on A Different Drum, Halovox delivers exactly that. While the lyrics may be a little more profane or sensual than the usual synthpop act, Halovox never really distances itself from the rest of the pack. There isn’t a distinguishing characteristic to make this project especially worthwhile… but at the same time, it’s entertaining and worth the time it takes to listen to the whole album. Songs like “Save Yourself”, “Awkward Silence”, and “Make Me Yours” prove this is true. They’re not especially catchy or addicting, but they’re not displeasing at the same time. The programming could use some polishing, but that’s to be expected on a debut album. The lyrics are simple, but anyone who looks for perfection in synthpop is living in a fantasy world.
All in all, Halovox delivers. This entrance into the synthpop world will most likely produce a stronger follow-up album, and that’s always a bonus as far as music goes. With this in mind, I’d have to give this album three out of five habanero peppers and I would recommend pursuing any subsequent releases just because Halovox does have promise.


— Ethan Cohen

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