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Hæretici 7o74 – Heard Flayings EP

Hæretici 7o74 - Heard Flayings EP

EP, Some Place Else, 2006

Hearetici 7o74 is a duo consisting of Ovro and Niko Skorpio. Both of which apparently have solo recordings available, however this disc is my introduction to the group so I can’t say how their collaboration varies from their solo outputs too well…
“Heard Flayings” gives us six tracks and clocks in at about 23 minutes. The first track “Israel and the Broken Bell” starts out with some interesting sounds. But I have to admit I am not a fan of the vocal work in this track. I realize it’s trying to give the song a more ritualistic feel, but I don’t feel it blends in with the other noises the way it should. However as the track progresses the main vocal bit seems to get blotted out from time to time and that’s when the track shines for me. Although the vocal work isn’t my cup of tea, the track is rather well put together with layers of ambience that keep you drifting and noises that weave in and out of it all never letting you guess what will happen next.
Song number two, “Hollow”, is probably my personal favourite on this disc. The sounds of dripping water can be heard along with other background noises that build up an uneasy tension right from the beginning. As it progresses metal tinkering and distorted noises trail in and out and before you know it the ambience has all but faded out and an aggressive noise assault comes forth at full scale.
I would probably best describe this disc as dark, ‘uneasy listening’ ambience that is interconnected with pummeling noise but, for the most part, it is done in a more creative and original way than most “noise artists” who simply turn up the mixer levels and go full on with distortion. Although most the vocal elements don’t rub me the right way, there’s no reason to say they wouldn’t be completely enjoyable to plenty of other people out there. If you’re a fan of ritualistic and/or noisy music this may be something you should check out.


— Charlie Martineau

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