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Ginormous – The Sound Of Love Impermanent

Ginormous - The Sound Of Love Impermanent

CD, Ant-Zen, 2010

Ginormous delivers a refreshing new album full of warm acoustic guitars and swirling IDM rhythms that will appeal to a broad audience from folk to electronic enthusiasts.
“The Sound of Love Impermanent” is a beautiful stroll through warm fall nights with a surreal wind blowing through the trees as leaves turn orange and red and begin to fall upon the cracked sidewalk. The balance between electronics and acoustic elements is in perfect harmony on this release and sets Ginormous clearly apart from the bulk of electronic artists in the realm of IDM/electronica. The album itself was scored for a dance performance by choreographer Maria Gillespie and evokes influences such as Tom Yorke of Radiohead, Steindeck, and AIR. In addition to vocal contributions by Rohner Segnitz on several songs – vocals swaying in and out of the mix with smooth elegance and emotional raw intensity – there are also guest appearances by Deru and Bryan Landers. Highlights on this release would be swirling acoustic melody “North, Part 1”, the spacious crescendo “If The Sky Had Stitch Marks”, the short blissful “Lycanized” and the melancholy of “A Darkness By Day”.
I cannot say enough about this pleasant surprise from Ant-Zen. The material is both mature and accessible while maintaining its identity within the realm of its peers. On songs like “So You’ll Know Where I Am”, Ginormous displays his talents and blends with ease beautiful piano melodies, swirled with orchestral hits and glitch laden percussion which both slip and pull toward the climax. This is the product of a true innovator.
This is thus far the best album i have heard in 2010 and is a breath of fresh air in the cold realm of electronic music. I strongly suggest this release to anyone who is a fan of warm electronics or downtempo/IDM. This collection of music is sure to be a welcome addition to any listener.


— James Church

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