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Giancarlo Toniutti – Ura itam taala’ momojmuj lowajamuj cooconaja

Giancarlo Toniutti - Ura itam taala momojmuj lowajamuj cooconaja

3″ CD, Ferns Recording, 2007

The rather bizarre title for this album is explained in the liner notes as being taken from a ritual clown dance song of the Hopi tribe of Native Americans. Although I must admit I have no idea how this relates to the actual piece of music present, there is an almost ritualistic feel to this composition. Apparently the source material is derived from a bell, a pylon and the natural surroundings of an Italian mountain. However, as per usual with this sort of experimental sound, almost everything is processed completely beyond recognition in this case.
It starts off with bassy drones, and although other sounds can be heard faintly, whatever they are has been heavily blurred by extreme processing. Sounds come in and out on top of the drones, sometimes stopping suddenly, then restarting, or stopping suddenly and not returning for a while. Upon deep listening one will occasionally notice the resonating tones of the bell used for source material. Several times while listening to this piece I felt myself spacing out, so it is definitely not recommended while driving or operating machinery!
Giancarlo Toniutti has done a fabulous job with this release, and it being my introduction to his music, I am now eager to hear more of his solo material. Highly recommended for anyone into drone/ambient music, or anyone wanting a nice meditative piece for a lazy day.


— Charlie Martineau

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