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Gary Flanagan – Future Fashion

Gary Flanagan - Future Fashion

CD, Cohaagen, 2002

‘Gary Flanagan rocks. “Future Fashion” rules.’ That’s how enthusiastic I was about this album after fully listening to it. In a nutshell, “Future Fashion” is a non-pretentious, very well-produced album of Synthpop songs with a distinct 80’s vintage sound.
Gary Flanagan’s music is very simple in its structures. It’s extremely melodic and catchy, with excellent lyrics to complete an excellent package of songs combining potential club anthems (like the fantastic “Metro Boulot Dodo”) and nostalgic ballads as well as a couple of whimsical pieces (like the track “French in action”).
Extremely recognizable and suitable to almost every kind of environment, from club-play to driving music, Gary’s songs are extremely joyful and uplifting, even when the overall feeling is nostalgic (like the track “Summertime”). Maybe they won’t be the ultimate club hits but songs like “Night Club”, “Every Friday Night” and “We Have the Dance Floor to Ourselves” are sure to cause a lasting impression and be remembered and recognized by whoever has heard them. Of particular notice is “Metro Boulot Dodo” thanks to its brilliant lyrics and unexpected almost rap-like vocals.
Personally, I feel that the only caveat of this excellent CD lies in the two remix bonus tracks (one by Fr/Action and one by Simulator) as they cause a bit of a shock by abruptly breaking the “vintage fresh” sound of the CD. Adding a data track with the video for “Summertime” instead could have had a better effect.
“Future Fashion” is one of those albums in which one feels that the artist likes what he is creating and is seriously enjoying doing it. So much that said joy ends up in the music and lyrics that make up the songs. Despite not being a professional musician, one gets the definite feeling that Gary knows what he is doing and what he wants his music to sound like.


— Miguel de Sousa

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