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Feindflug – Hirnschlacht

Feindflug - Hirnschlacht

CD, Black Rain, 2002

In a way, ‘more of the same’ but definitely not yet tiring; Feindflug’s established sound of strong drum beats and heavily distorted guitars coupled with historical sound samples (and the occasional melodic work) still remains extremely innovative.
Like in previous albums, the overall thematic is overly totalitarian/militaristic, a metaphor allusive to the times of Nazi Germany and the danger of History being repeated due to ignorance of the lessons of the past. “Hirnschlacht” also shows something of an evolution of Feinflug’s musical structures with the presence of more complex and proeminent melodies than used before.
As an added bonus, there is a video track of “Rotter Schnee”. The video portion of this track consists of video footage of Feindflug in concert (performing the song in question) as well as some bits and pieces of backstage videos. A curiosity and not much more due to the lack of quality of the filming (even if the sound is rather good).


— Miguel de Sousa

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