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Ebola – Mutant Dubstep Vol.1

Ebola - Mutant Dubstep Vol.1

CD, Spectraliquid, 2008

Haemorrhagic reactions abound when listening to this four-track teaser EP that merely hints at what may yet be to come. Overall, my excitement levels when confronted by this recording did not match my anticipated response – a breakcore/gabba/dubstep crossover works far better in theory than in practice…
Although technically well constructed, the arrangement is fairly stale and does not draw the listener in. Even on a dancefloor (which is, of course, the final destination of any dubstep-influenced project) these tracks would grow tired fairly quickly, lacking in dynamism and sheer power. The remixes, however, are a completely different story: End.User rearranges “Painkiller” into something worthy of the name – a pounding wall of dissonance that drives more of your brain out of your ears with each successive beat. Shitmat, too, rework “Teledildonics” (a word that conjures powerful visuals, indeed) into something almost unrecognisable when compared with the original cut.
So there’s hope for Ebola; how much depends entirely on his being able to put more mutation and less dub into the music. Far more creativity is required here if a lasting impression is to be made.


— David vander Merwe

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