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Dissecting Table – Memories

Dissecting Table - Memories

CD, Triumvirate, 2000

I’ll be short and blunt. Out of the 42 minutes that consist this album, I only managed to listen for 3-4 without wincing. I mean, really, this is worse than second rate underground grindcore. I can’t tell if the “lyrics” (assortment of unintelligible growls) to the 4 “memories” (tracks) is in Japanese, not that it’d make much of a difference. The music is essentially guitars ran through enough distortion to sound as bad as the vocals, only mixed even worse into the tracks, and the occasional noise and keyboard sequence, which lasts no more than a minute or two. The best track must be the third, since it has the least vocals and almost features a semblance structure. Quite the disappointment, compared to other Triumvirate releases.


— George Mouratidis

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