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Cría Cuervos – Leitfossilien

Cría Cuervos - Leitfossilien

CD, Mistery Sea, 2005

“Leitfossilien” is a biological journey, and Cría Cuervos is a master of evolution. Vast and intangible, its processes creep forward on a molecular level, shedding light into the deepest recesses of a virtual sea rich with amino acids and raw elements. There is no rhythm here, and no need for it either. Cría Cuervos has established a set of sounds on a trajectory that offers tribute to life at its most detached and timeless.
“Leitfossilien” filters into audible perception with a barely discernible hissing that steadily grows in intensity and prominence, trailing in its wake the ageless primordial hum that ultimately defines this 33-minute examination of pure ambient fluidity. The movement of sound is ceaseless; a tidal flux that cycles gently and patiently through one crescendo after another, each time draining away like water across an expanse of sand. Mild, directionless drones are suspended delicately in the air, hanging for minutes at a time before washing away in the bottomless ether, while muffled pulses sporadically knock against the baffles of this planetary petri dish. Later, distant cataracts splash and rage as monolithic rumblings permeate the underlying layers.
Though the nature of water is to constantly move and reshape itself, water inevitably allows a sense of permanence as well. Geologically speaking, aqueous matter sometimes hardens to stone and remains for eons, projecting into the future transmuted biological and organic elements through the collaboration of time and minerals. What Cría Cuervos has accomplished in “Leitfossilien” is a digital record of life itself, illuminated as fossils might be from unimagined ages past.


— Dutton Hauhart

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