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Creating Paradise – Killing Dreams

Creating Paradise - Killing Dreams

CD, self-released, 2004

Right off the bat, Creating Paradise reeks of a Project Pitchfork/Absurd Minds influence. While not a direct clone of either group, there is an obvious correlation… which isn’t exactly a negative mark against Creating Paradise, but doesn’t really inspire an overwhelming sense of awe at their creative ability.
With this in mind, it must be said that the electronics in this release are considerably well done and very clean sounding. The lyrics aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they fit the music pretty well and they do make each song flow a little smoother.
One thing this author particularly appreciated about this release is the clever use of samples. A lot of musicians tend to drown out their music with a barrage of “cool” samples and end up detracting from the quality of the track, but Creating Paradise seems to have a knack for blending samples and music seamlessly. Kudos to them. This gives them an edge in the music industry and is well worth the bonus point this author is giving them in his album score.
While they started out with a two, that critical bonus point bumped them up to a three out of five habanero peppers. Creating Paradise has an excellent feel for creating precision electronics, but they lack the drive it takes to build original sound.


— Ethan Cohen

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