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Connect_icut – They Showed Me The Secret Beaches

Connect_icut - They Showed Me The Secret Beaches

12″ vinyl, CSAF Records, 2008

It would be easy (and lazy) for some to simply compare Sam Macklin’s work as Connect_icut with someone such as Fennesz. However, doing this would definitely be selling Connect_icut short. Over the course of his several releases Macklin has developed his own sound, utilizing instruments processed through Max/MSP. He has become adept at making the electronic sound and feel very organic which is why, in a world of plastic-sounding computer music, this is something very refreshing to listen to.
“They Showed Me The Secret Beaches” is the second release on Sam’s own CSAF Records, and is another 12″ LP on black vinyl that comes in a black and white sleeve. The album’s title track opens with drones in the higher frequency range, but soon blends together with other textures to become something blissful. Although the track as a whole features a lot of sounds that would probably seem “noisy” on their own, everything flows together in a very pleasant way. “Cantus In Memoriam Ian Forsyth” ends the album on a darker note. Full of shadowed and uneasy ambiance, the piece is a bit more ominous than your usual Connect_icut fair.
Once again I can say I am impressed with this effort by Connect_icut; “They Showed Me The Secret Beaches” has gotten many rotations on my turntable and will continue to do so. If you are one of those wise souls who still own a turntable, I’d recommend getting yourself a copy of this.


— Charlie Martineau

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