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Celluloide – Naphtaline

Celluloide - Naphtaline

Virtual EP, BOREDOMproduct, 2003

“Naphtaline” is the free-for-download ‘virtual EP’ that preceeded Celluloide’s second album “Words once said”. In this EP, Celluloide play around and show their music-making skills by doing covers of songs by well-known darkwave bands which probably influenced Celluloide’s musical development.
“Naphtaline” is a great example of excellent ‘cover-work’. While maintaining the original songs immediately recognizable, Celluloide skillfully and effectively imprinted their characteristic musical style of analog synth music and deep (almost monochordic) female vocals into these classics of the 80s, giving them interesting new twists and a fresh life.
The relatively fast paced “Amoureux Solitaires” and “Alice” (originally by Lio and The Sisters Of Mercy, respectively) are perhaps the most ‘immediate’ tracks in this excelent ‘virtual EP’ but the real pearls are “In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated” and “Happy House” (by Dead Can Dance and Siouxie & the Banshees, respectively).
Creative and excellently produced (both musically and technically), this “virtual release” was definitely worthy of a “physical release” (probably wasn’t due to royalty issues). As it is, being a free downloadable release, it is a ‘must have’.


— Miguel de Sousa

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