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Basswood Dollies – EMO Mental Breakdown

Basswood Dollies - EMO Mental Breakdown

Download Only, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2006

John Lindqwister and Joel Lindqvist are hardly newcomers into the electronic music scene, having been part of such (in)famous acts as Cat Rapes Dog, Lisa Gives Head and Hype. Consequently, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the product of their joint effort as Basswood Dollies would be a solid showcase of musicianship, even more so when featuring additional production assistance by Swedish electronica producer Sophie Rimheden.
So far, Basswood Dollies’ music in general isn’t easy to pigeon-hole because with every release they show a new side to their musical production, having gone from electro-industrial influenced pop in earlier releases to electropop with strong dance elements in the ironically titled “EMO Mental Breakdown”. The only constants with Basswood Dollies seem to be talent, change and a willingness to musically go wherever they feel like going, defiant of anything that may be expected of them, in true punk fashion.
While all the original tracks in this EP are potential hits, it is with the highly catchy “Stupid Lovesong” and the fast-paced “Looking Out From The Crack” that Basswood Dollies really shine in this release. The two remixes of “Stupid Lovesong” are a nice addition but prove to be a bit of a speed-bump for the ride that began with “On Radio On TV”.
One can but wonder what Basswood Dollies are preparing for an upcoming full-length release but, judging from previous released tracks and the strong showing of musicianship in this EP, it should be a very promising release.


— Miguel de Sousa

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