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Aun – Utica

Aun - Utica

7″ White Vinyl, Drone Records, 2009

With this virgin white vinyl on Drone Records, Aun delivers, period. The 7″ contains some beautifully designed soundscapes made of the guitar drones for which we know him. Around the label a small sentence is scratched in the vinyl – “The quest for the ultimate is ultimately pointless” – but let me guarantee you that with this 7″ Martin Dumais comes very close…
Side A is the title track and starts off with a ‘light’ melodic piece with a little self-oscillation (feedback), and just when you think you know how this piece will evolve, a thick bassy sound enters the composition. The sound is completely surprising at that moment, and this surprise makes it one of the better tracks I’ve heard from Aun.
The reverse side is far more symphonic in its approach. One could speak of a nice, mellow attitude towards the listener – basic minor melodies and some creepy sounds to top it off. Very nicely processed with a sort of tube-sounds mastering; a little gritty/crunchy.
After releases on Alien8, Oral and the beautiful Skinwell collaboration on .Angle.Rec., Aun firmly places himself in the top of guitar-based drone artists, something he more than deserves.


— Bauke van der Wal

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