Various Artists – Mothers Against Noise

V/A - 'Mothers Against Noise vol.1'

“Mothers Against Noise” may ring some bells in a few underground music and sound-art circles. In late 2004/early 2005 word got out that a pro-morality organization calling itself “Mothers Against Noise” was organizing pickets and protests outside underground experimental/noise/sound-art events. Amidst all the confusion, we jumped into the bandwagon to add further fuel to the fire, registering a few domains (mothersagainstnoise.org, .net and .com): in collaboration with musician C-drík Frémont and with the support of the Cenobytes.net organization a free online compilation allusive to the whole mess was released in early 2005.
Whether it was an act of protest, a work of art or simple mischieviousness, the “Mothers Against Noise vol.1” compilation was a quick and resounding success at the time. While the hype surrounding the M.A.N. web-phenomenon lasted, it brought some well-deserved exposure to the international collection of sound-artists whose work was featured in it.
Since the release of the compilation, the whole issue has subsided, the true origin of this short-lived web-phenomenon was eventually revealed (not going into that, google it for yourself…) and the domains under which it was released were abandoned, along with the compilation itself.
However, we consider that this compilation deserves to be kept available. So, two years on, “Mothers Against Noise vol.1” is available once more.


  1. It-Clings – “Inflammatory for inflammatory’s sake”
    (Canada) www.it-clings.com
  2. Acrylik – “Againstructur”
    (France) audiotrauma.music.free.fr/artistes/acrylik/acrylik.htm
  3. Autopsy protocol – “Swallow all”
    (Spain) www.autopsyprotocol.com
  4. Soiled – “Heavy_Dawn”
    (UK) www.soiled.org.uk
  5. No John – “Outside my head”
    (Belgium) www.nojohn.tk
  6. Institution D.O.L. – M.ultiple_A.larmed_N.ymphs – “God is with us”
    (Austria) www.herzschmerz.tk
  7. Paul Devens – “The Mothers”
    (Netherlands) www.pauldevens.nl
  8. Pei – “Goodnite02”
    (Taiwan) www.vul3jp6.blogspot.com
  9. Tzii – “Non”
    (France/Belgium) www.nightonearth.org
  10. Analog suicide – “Untitled”
    (Turkey) www.geocities.com/atommuzik
  11. Idiosyncrasia – “Deviathan”
    (Belgium) www.idiosyncratics.net
  12. Nepa ios – “Le quotidien des Automates”
    (Algeria) myspace.com/nepaios
  13. Eivind Dahl – “Brief moments of sanity”
  14. Bizix – “Chill out muzik (POP mix)”
    (China) bsix.blogdriver.com/bsix/index.html
  15. Finaldoll – “Nisrine”
    (France) finaldoll.free.fr
  16. Montagnn – “Kuhn’s lil teeny Popper klub”
  17. Half a moment – “Schants”
    (Morocco) gothrockfr.free.fr/halfamoment
  18. Sunao Inami – “Cuttle”
    (Japan) www.cavestudio.com
  19. Rohypnoise & Planetaldol – “Paraphrenitude”
    (France) rohypnoise.free.fr & planetaldol.free.fr
  20. Error – “Oh come all ye faithful”
  21. Synapscape – “Natur”
    (Germany) www.ant-zen.com/synapscape
  22. Crno klank – “Noizz”
    (Belgium) www.syrphe.com
  23. Sinmantyx – “Notyou”
    (USA) www.last.fm/music/Sinmantyx

Download full release (92Mb .ZIP file)
Download individual files

Compiled by C-drík Frémont + Miguel de Sousa and originally released by Mothers Against Noise (dot) Org (www.mothersagainstnoise.org) in early 2005; all tracks © the respective authors used with permission. Artwork by M.

“Mothers Against Noise” is NCB003

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