Program 20100517-0523

Part 1
(“m8scr8digga” with music selection by Tom Bad Sekta)
No tracklisting supplied at the time of updating but we do know for a fact that Tom went through his flatmate’s record crates in the process of making this podcast…

Part 2
(“DJ MP3 Random Playlist has just left the building…” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Ketem – #FF1C00
[Colour – Electroton]
Evestus – Pikachu Warriors
[This Is Dramacore – self-released]
Thermidor – Ancoradouro
[Poema 6 – Thisco]
Ernaldo Bernocchi/Blackfilm – Broken Optimism
[Along The Corridors – Vital]
Asches – Waste (Wasted-Hedon rmx by DJ Intoner)
[The Easter Island Phenomenon – Ant-Zen]
Architect – Attack Ships On Fire
[Consume Adapt Create – Hymen]
T-Faktor – Bricks & Thunder
[Bricksplitter – Force Of Nature]
W.A.S.T.E. – Assassins
[A Silent Mantra Of Rage – Vendetta Music]
Caustic – Shrapnel Condition
[And you will know me by the trail of vomit… – self-released]
lxxxc – Prick It Up
[lxxxc/Tlic – Minor Label/Alphacute]
No Go! – Lokit Atmo
[Summerhits – self-released]
Mind.In.A.Box – I Love 64
[R.E.T.R.O. – Dependent Records]
Roel Funcken – Daze Flextone
[Vade – Ad Noiseam]
Provocateur – Leave Her To Heaven
[Bad Blood And Brushfire – self-released]

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