Program 20100125-1031

Part 1
(“Breaking Your Face” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast Intro (0:28)
Trillbass & Symbol- Swagger
[Trill Bass – Trill Bass]
Reso – Metal Slug
[Built For Boundaries Volume 1 – Storming Productions]
Reso – Onslaught
[Tags & Throw Ups Vol 5 – Urban Graffiti]
Ultrablack – Bear Trap (Excision Remix)
[Aftermath EP – Rottun Recordings]
Pandora’s Black Book – Threshold
[Black Brothel – Tympanik Audio]
Raiden & Current Value – RM Bleeps
[The Firm – Offkey]
Future Prophecies – Black Dragon
[Warlords Rising – Beatservice Records]
Atom & Cell – Pressures (Noisea Remix)
[Pressure/Sadist – Darkitek Records]
B-Soul & Dextems – Harder, Louder!
[The Rebirth EP Part 2 – Future Sickness Records]
SPL – Denied (Masheen Remix)
[The Remixes EP – Human Imprint Recordings]
Proyecto Mirage – Piercing Ring (Human Mix)
[Gas Alarm – Hands]
Cooh – Black Monday
[The Way Of The Future EP – Future Sickness Records]
Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent – Levitate
[From The Inside Out EP – Lifted Music]
Broken Note – Meltdown
[Terminal Static – Ad Noiseam]
Counterstrike & DJ Hidden – Pentagram
[Collaboration Part One – Counterstrike Recordings]
Current Value – Ladder
[2012: The Day Of Silence – Tech Freak Recordings]
Potere Occulto – Llancaiach Fawr
[Potere Occulto – Praxis]
Imminent – Bock
[Cask Strength – Ant Zen]

Part 2
(“Cambrian Split” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Atmogat – Melophase
[Trigger Event -Impulsive Art]
Moderat – Sick With It (feat. Dellé a.k.a. Eased from Seed)
[Moderat – Bpitch Control]
Ido Tavori – Ascension
[Rhythm Is A Beggar – Love Poem Records]
Tokyo Morose – Cover Up For Gramps
[Specific Ocean – Square Root Recordings]
Savage Ideal – To Spike The Slabs of Eternity (feat. Dan Barrett)
[Ghosts Dance Lightly on the Puncheon Floor – Buried Electric/Connexion Bizarre]
Lewsor – Musical Pirate
[No Error – Audiotrauma]
End – A Girl Called Trouble (Denim Venom remix)
[A Girl Called Trouble – AeroCCCP]
Muckrackers – Zone A (Shizuka remix)
[Muckrackers vs. Dee’N’Dee – Les Forces Alliées]
Dexy Corp_ – Proselytes
[Fragmentation -Black Rain]
Everything Goes Cold – Bitch Stole My Time Machine
[vs. General Failure -Bit Riot Records]
Dogpop – Dogporn
[I’m Your Man – UMB Kollektif]
Ehafh – Captain Graveyard
[Antiquated Erotica – Dramacore]
Kid606 – Hello Serotonin, my old friend
[Shout At The Döner – Tigerbeat6]

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