Program 20091130-1206

Part 1
(“Roooooaarrrgh” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Schizoid – En Ring Til Aa Herske
[2000Promoganda – Digital Trash Recordings]
Godflesh – Us and Them
[Us and Them – Earache]
Gojira – Vacuity
[The Way Of All Flesh – Prosthetic Records]
Lightning Bolt – 13 Monsters
[Ride The Skies – Load Records]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Machine Gun
[Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope – Relapse Records]
Gigantic Brain – UnderPiglet Crawls the Earth at High Speeds, Eating Anything With a Heartbeat
[The Invasion Discography – Razorback Records]
Iamerror – Forest of Fellatio
[Trout Yogurt – N/A]
Gadget – Requiem
[The Funeral March – Relapse Records]
The End – Fetesque
[Within Dividia – Relapse Records]
Devil Sold His Soul – As The Storm Unfolds
[A Fragile Hope – Eyesofsound]
Nasum – Just Another Hog
[Doombringer – Relapse Records]
Pig Destroyer – Loathsome
[Phantom Limb – Relapse Records]
Animosity & Drumcorps – A Profit On Greediness
[Altered Beast – Man Alive]
Napalm Death – Smear Campaign (Eustachian’s Trifecta Fecal Factor Mix)
[Pillaged And Plundered EP – Ad Noiseam]
Mindflayer – Arganimals
[It’s Always 1999 – Load Records]

Part 2
(“R.F.A.” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Angina P – Clarity
[Maschinenfest 2009 – Pflichtkauf]
Detritus – Haunted
[Things Gone Wrong – Ad Noiseam]
S.K.E.T. – Balkan Syndrome
[Depleted Uranium Weapons – Hands Productions]
Scaffolding – Mass
[Narratives – Plastic Sound Supply]
The Village Orchestra – Non-Euclidian
[The Starry Wisdom – Highpoint Lowlife]
Nosaj Thing – 1010
[Mary Anne Hobbs: Wild Angels – Planet Mu]
Ellen Allien & Apparat – Rotary
[Orchestra of Bubbles – Bpitch Control]
Genevi̬ve Pasquier РRubberpop
[Le Cabaret Moi – Ant-Zen]
Madeline Puckette – Devil’s Party
[Tsar Bomba – Mad World Records]
Moderat – Rusty Nails
[Moderat – Bpitch Control]
Brim Lisky – Moving Winter
[Brim Lisky – Latenight Weeknight Records]
Die Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter – fff
[Toads & Bugs – White Rabbit Records]

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