Program 20090608-0614

Part 1
(“Sedated Chaos” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Sinke Dûs – The Premonition
[Akrasia – Cyclic Law]
Penjaga Insaf – Tenangan (Excerpt)
[Incendium II – Loki Foundation]
Tho|so|aa – Disintegrated
[Absorb – Tesco Organisation]
Ionosphere – Meta III
[Angular Momentum – Power & Steel]
Troum – Peleta
[Aiws – Transgredient Records]
Fjernlys – All Sun’s Ceaseless Falling
[Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs – Loki Foundation]
Pimentola – Death Is A Secret
[Misantropolis – Cold Meat Industry]
Knifeladder – Alpha Male
[Music-Concrete – Cold Meat Industry]
Gnaw Their Tongues – Sawn Asunder And Left For The Beasts
[An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood – Crucial Blast]
Navicon Torture Technologies – Metafleshbioengine
[Scenes From The Next Millennium – Annihilvs]
Visions – Lapsing
[Lapse – Cyclic Law]

Part 2
(“Zen and the Art of Microwave Cooking” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Black Lung – The World Without Us
[Full Spectrum Dominance – Ant-Zen/Tympanik Audio]
Negruvoda – Claustrophobic Hangover
[Appetizer – Malignant Records]
Tzii – Hypo-Crisis
[V/A – Sonic Terror – De Rebellenclub]
Disciplina Urbana – Desporte Sangrento
[V/A – Sonic Terror – De Rebellenclub]
Navicon Torture Technologies – Mind Is A Prison
[The Gospels Of The Gash – Malignant Records]
Mandelbrot – Null
[Evolution – Audiophob]
Tonikom – Fluorescence
[The Sniper’s Veil – Hymen Records]
Tapage – The Silent Hours
[Fallen Clouds – Tympanik Audio]
SE – hitchhiker
[Epiphora – Tympanik Audio]
Angina P – Free Radical
[Sensitive Files – Hands Productions]
Pandora’s Black Book – Empty Words
[Black Brothel – Tympanik Audio]

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