Program 20081006-1012

Part 1
(“Blutt Bluuut” with music selection by Factory)
Saskrotch – Suprisey Tin Boxes
[Tour Disc – Give Daddy The Knife]
Anamanaguchi – Video Challenge
[Power Supply – 8bitpeoples]
Xploding Plastix – The Cave in Proper
[The Donca Matic Singalongs – Columbia]
Sabrepulse – Storm Raid Battle
[Chipbreak Wars – Give Daddy The Knife]
Clark – See See
[Throttle Promoter – Warp Records]
Sickboy – One O Three
[Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist – Mirex]
Aphex Twin – Omgyjya-Switch
[Druqks – Warp Records]
Ext – Malfeasance
[Malfeasance – Spekulum Records]
Modeselektor – Kill Bill Vol. 4
[Hello Mom! – BPitch Control]
Lisbeth & Bent – Dwarf Theme ADHD Remix (Feat. Retape Audio)
[Gangstacore – Sygnok Records]
DJ Yoda – Yoda Plays Computer Games
[How to Cut & Paste: 80’s Edition – Antidote Records]
Doormouse – Doormouse Megamix
[Ye Olde Barn Compilation – Addict Records]
Kid Kishore – Brittnii Speiers
[N/A – Sygnok Records]
Chris Clark – Bricks
[Clarence Park – Warp Records]
Daylight Dayrape – Twisty Twist
[Paint EP – Juicebox Records!]
Kaminari Synthesis – Anxious Interlude
[The Importance Of Closing Your Eyes – Camomille Music]
Daylight Dayrape – CMYK
[Paint EP – Juicebox Records!]
Sickboy – Activate The Forcefield
[Activate Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist – Mirex]
NSC – Agyvihar
[N/A – N/A]

Part 2
(“Anything but the blues!” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Individual Totem – WWW
[Mothfly – Artoffact Records]
Chrysalide – Generation Screen
[Lost In A Lost World – Audiotrauma]
Manufactura – rape upon rape upon rape
[Psychogenic Fugue – Crunch Pod]
Worms of the Earth – The Whore
[The Angels of Prostitution – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Hermann Kopp – The Great Automaton
[Under A Demon’s Mask – Galakthörro]
4D Mode-1 – Zoology
[Rekonnekted – 4D Label]
Nohno – Unbalanced
[V/A – Machines Against Hunger – SigSally]
Raoul Sinier – Ants Mayhem
[Brain Kitchen – Ad Noiseam]
Synnack – The Locative
[v2 – Force Of Nature]
Displacer – He Could Destroy The Earth
[The Witching Hour – Tympanik Audio]
Rachmiel – Vegetative Bliss
[Vortex Engine – Dars Records]

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