Program 20080922-0928

Part 1
(“Smear (aka Element Abuse) @ Connexion Bizarre” with music selection by Smear/Element Abuse)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Dome – Virtual Sweden (V.S #1)
[Yclept – WMO]
Pan Sonic – Koneistaja
[Katodivaihe – Blast First Petite]
Iesope Drift – Vamasi
[Sulkek – Seico Corp Recordings]
Thighpaulsandra – Optical Black
[I, Thighpaulsandra – Eskaton]
Flint Glass & Telepherique – Magnetic Migration
[Information Gigabyte – Angle Rec.]
Luka Baumann feat. Massplanck – Non Serviam!
[Non Serviam! – Emergence]
Chrome – Jonestown
[Red Exposure – Beggars Banquet]
Concrete Cookie & The Maggot Farmer – Book Of Margins
[Mondegreen – Force of Nature]
P’o – Back To Back
[Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention – WMO]
Savage Republic – Real Men
[Tragic Figues – Fundamental]
Forward Strategy Group – Applied Generics
[Applied Generics – Forward Strategy Group]
Helicopterface – Positive Collide
[Get A:Head – Mashup Soundsystem]
La Peste – Jubilation Des Rustiques
[Astrophysique Des Entonnoirs – Hangars Liquides]
Oliver Ho – Here
[Light & Dark Eight – Light & Dark]

Part 2
(“Invisible War: September @ Connexion Bizarre” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
A Murder Of Angels – Suspended In Frozen Misery
[While You Sleep – Middle Pillar Presents]
Predominance – Quantum Statics
[Incendium II – Loki Foundation]
Lustmord – Dark Awakening
[[Other] – Hydra Head Records]
ISIS – Not In Rivers, But In Drops (Remix By Melvins / Lustmord)
[Holy Tears – Ipecac]
Illusion Of Safety – Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent
[Fifteen/Finite Material Context – Tesco Functional Organisation]
Godflesh – Dream Long Dead
[Streetcleaner – Earache]
Haus Arafna – Blot Out Your Soul
[Trilogie Des Blutes – Galakthorro]
Foresta Di Ferro – Harmony Of Pen And Sword
[Bury Me Standing – Hau Ruck!]
Psychic TV – Southern Comfort
[Live in Glasgow Plus – Temple Records]
Antlers Mulm – End of Words
[Of Withered Sparks – Loki Foundation]
Robert Rich – A Point Of No Return
[Stalker – Fathom]

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