Program 20080512-0518

Part 1
(“Something For The Ladies…” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Amon Tobin – Bloodstone
[The Foley Room – Ninja Tune]
Drop The Lime – Glock Box
[Sky City Rising – Brooklyn Beats]
Ital Tek – Weave (feat. Anneka)
[Deep Pools – Square Records]
Macabre Unit – Ghost
[Ghost – Boka Records]
Milanese – Billy Hologram
[1 Up – Warp Records]
Psion – Subterrainean
[Subterrainean / Tyrant EP – Audio Blueprint]
Apex – Space Between (feat Ayah)
[Weapons of Mass Creation 3 – Hospital Records]
Magus – God of War
[God of War – ADHD Recordings]
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis
[Driving Insane – Black Sun Empire]
SPL & T.Z.A – Violation
[Freak Family Drum Circle Explosion – Freak Recordings]
The Panacea – Evil Seed (Limewax Remix)
[Anokhin & Mootz EP – Position Chrome]

Part 2
(“Steelwool Q-tips” with music selection by M.)
Muckrackers – ! Aktion !
[[Uckange_4] – Les Forces AlliĆ©es]
Absent – Dark Corridor (Ten Data Keshin remix)
[Absent’s Children – self-released]
To Mega Therion – The Sermon Of Setekh
[The Blood Rituals EP – Sistinas (unreleased: grab it legally, courtesy of the artist, here and artwork here)]
Hansel – Generate Humans (Evestus – General Nonhuman Remix)
[Reshaping Linear Formulai – D-trash Records]
S?x Only – Psykick Idiotz
[Unknown Sound Object – 9t9]
Sunao Inami – The Man Who Sold The Calculator
[Laid Back Computing – Electr-Ohm]
Stpocold – Sick In Your Mind (orig. by Klinik)
[What Happened Outside – Cold Graey]
Cruise [Ctrl] – Two Men Getting Sick
[I Heard It! – Divine Comedy Records]
Eye8soccer – Sporting Thiscovered Eusebio
[V/A – Thisagree & Shadow – Thisco/Underworld]
Emdy – Mirror
[V/A – ReSSonus Net Vol.1 – ReSSonus]
Monokrom – The Carrots Sweep
[Tales Of Rabbits And Hares – Ant-Zen]

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