Program 20080204-0210

Part 1
(“Why is there a second necrogoat?” with music selection by DJ Fork Surgery and DJ Istabmyhead)
IRM – Inside the Skull of a Mannequin
[Oedipus Dethroned – Cold Meat Industry]
Nic Endo – Le Sacrifice
[Cold Metal Perfection – Digital Hardcore Recordings]
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – Noma Klaw
[The Dead Never sleep – Old Europa Cafe]
Wumpscut – Rise Again (Haus Arafna remix)
[Bonepeeler – Betonkopf Media]
Mira Calix – Sparrow
[One On One – Warp Records]
Venetian Snares – Pygmalion
[Doll Doll Doll – Hymen Records]
Mentallo & The Fixer – First Flower After The Flood
[Enlightenment Through A Chemical Catalyst – Alfa Matrix]
Twinkle – L’Altération Cinglante
[Le Jouet – Audiotrauma/Ant-Zen]
Bong-Ra – Necrogoat
[Full Metal Racket – Ad Noiseam]
Curse of the Golden Vampire – Insecticide
[Mass Destruction – Ipecac Recordings]

Part 2
(“Where did all the free time go to?” with music selection by M.)
Von Magnet – Electroflamenco (Mimetic Remix)
[De L’Aimant – Von Magnet]
Twinkle – Ton Style
[Le Jouet – Audiotrauma/Ant-Zen]
Geomatic – Unknown
[Blue Dream – M-tronic]
Brian Eno – Wire Shock
[Nerve Net – All Saints Records]
NNY – Cristal Palace
[V/A – Thisagree & Shadow – Thisco/Underworld Mag]
Config.Sys – Frame Dragging (P.A.L remix)
[Back And Forth – Pflichtkauf]
Manufactura – Canto Gipsy (MNFCTR vs. Displacer)
[In The Company Of Wolves – Crunch Pod]
Das Gritli Moser – SpyKnAg0R (Dark And Deserted)
[Cha-Cha-Cha With The Devil – Laridae]
Zotz – Metalflex
[V/A – Parazit – Yb70]
Anders Gjerde – Leuchtfeuer Der Adleraugen
[V/A – nucd#02 – NuMusic]

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