Program 20070917-0923

Part 1
(“C.B. #2” with music selection by DJ Peter Lee)
Atrax Morgue – Evisceration
[Sickness report – Release]
Control – Human Plague
[V/A – Tonwellen-Festival 2006 Compilation – Atacama Records]
Folkstorm – In The Name Of Culture
[For the love of hate – Cold Meat]
Bereft – Sanity
[What this is all about – Antihumanism]
Deathpile – They Where So Close
[G.R. – Force Of Nature/Hospital Productions]
Sattori – Haubohrung Parts I-IV
[Tesco Disco – Tesco]
Con-Dom – Road to total freedom
[All In Good Faith – Functional]
Ex-order – A World of Lies
[War Within Breath – Malignant Records]
Isolrubin Bk – the Resistance of the human head to crash impact
[Crash, Injury, Death – Soleimoon]
Schloss Tegal – Hunting For Humans
[The Grand Guignol – Artware]
Bocksholm – Stenbeck and his disciples
[Excursions by the black river – Tesco]

Part 2
(“Insidious Entropy” with music selection by M.)
Soiled – IKiller
[Shambolic Psychotic – Elm Lodge Records]
Ginormous – Byproducts of Stress and Boredom
[The Endless Procession – Hymen]
Sonic Area – Les caresses de serpent
[Explore – Audiotrauma]
O T X – Countdown to Chaos
[A World In Red – Funk Welten]
Noize Creator – Chainsaw Dub
[Whiteline 2 – AEntitainment]
Liar’s Rosebush – “3xDelta”
[Circle The Squares – Hive Records]
Nikka – Materia
[Isotopos – Lovethechaos]
Prometheus Burning – Some Things Are Meant To Stay Significantly Altered (Scrap.edx Remix)
[nBoyde raRepi – Hive Records]
Dr. Nexus – Medicine
[V/A – Schlagstrom! 2 – Rustblade]
W.A.S.T.E. – Omega 3 (The Kingdom of Evil mix by To Mega Therion)
[Violent Delights EP – Sistinas]

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