Program 20070604-0610

Part 1
(“cb01” with music selection by guest DJ Razorgrrl)
Antigen ShiftA Distant Exit (Further Mix By Iszoloscope)
[Next to Departed – Frozen Empire Media]
Liar’s Rosebush + Scrape[dx]Flow Dropper
[Nonsense – Independent]
DYMBender (Sincere Trade remix)
Re_agentCreeping Up On You [Remixed By Famine]
[Abscond: The Abandon Remixes – NXA]
DisplacerAtrophied (Left Out In The Cold rmx by Raxyor)
[remixes for free? – Crime League]
LAF-OJerky Fader Octopus
[Getting Down 2 Bizness – Smerk]
FracturedBleed (displacer rmx)
[remixes for free? – Crime League]
[C.O.M.A. 4 Exclusive EP – Independent]
It-Clings vs. Pneumatic DetachFantastic Ass
[the all too logical descent into madness – Bugs Crawling Out of People]
BelladonnakillzLiez Thru the Eyez
[As If – Sublight Records]

Part 2
(“Esprit de Corpse” with music selection by M.)
Empusae + Nick Grey – Simple Black Lines in a Diagram
[Simple Black Lines in a Diagram – Brume Records]
Keef Baker – Thalamess
[Redeye – Hymen]
Photophob – Daydreamer
[Circadian Rhythms – Laridae]
The Gasman – Scope
[Trueform – Sublight Records]
The Liar’s Rosebush + Scrape[dx] – B/C (instrumental)
[Nonsense – self-released]
Sci Fi Industries – Questions Answeres (Flint Glass remix)
[Drafts And Crafts – Thisco]
K’teus – K’teus vs. John Carpenter
[online release]
Ab Ovo – Par Delá Les Brumes
[Mouvements – Ant-Zen]
Terminal 11 – Hawaiian Sniper’s Eye
[Fractured Sunshine – Hymen]
047 – Kollaps Kallops
[Robotpop – Killing Music]
Signalform + Tachikoma – Compress
[Understanding Media – Lovethechaos]
Architect – Get The Bastards Get Away
[Lower Lip Interface – Hymen]

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