Program 20070212-0218

Part 1
(“DJ Burn likes tortillas.” with music selection by DJ Burn)
Mad EP- Hz
[Eating Movies – Ad Noiseam]
Jackson and his Computer Band- Tropical Metal
[Smash – Warp Records]
Mr Oizo – Last Night a DJ killed my Dog
[Analog Worms Attack – F Communications]
Uffie – Pop the Glock
[Pop the Glock / Ready to UFF 12″ – Ed Banger Records]
XXArt VeXaTioN – MinUtes And Sekonds
[V/A – A tribute to Robert Moog (vol 1) – Crème Organization]
Zdar- Don’t U Want (Tiga rmx)
[Don’t U Want (Remixes) – Turbo]
Ural 13 Diktators- Blind Love (Huntemann Rmx)
[Blind Love (single) – Alphabet City]
Vive La Fête- Nuit Blanche
[Nuit Blanche – Surprise Records] Vibe Dealers- Toyz
[Toyz – Players Paradise]
12 Angry Men- The Looser
[ Weapon – 20000st]
Alphawezen- Welcome to Machinarchy (Schwebcore version)
[ Muschihaus Presents ELectro Funk & Grooves, Vol. 1 – Musichaus]
Beroshima- The Prophets Obsession
[ The Catastrophe Ballet – Müller Records]

Part 2
(“15 + 10 + ? h” with music selection by M.)
Sciencia – Corroded Copernic Theory
[Give Me Ambiguity Or Give Me Something Else… – Thisco]
Tannhauser – Born In Fear
[V/A – Electronic Manifesto – Caustic Records]
Strange2 – White Thought
[V/A – Chaos.Lovers – Lovethechaos]
Mikroben Krieg – Sensuality
[Give Me Ambiguity Or Give Me Something Else… – Thisco]
Edgey – Radial Persuasion
[The Abuse Technique – Hive Records]
Carthage – I Never Knew
[V/A – disco_r.dance – disco_r.dance]
Celluloide – Photophobia
[Passion & Excitements – BOREDOMproduct]
Virtual Server – Desperate Man (feat. Pal-Magnus Rybom of Echo Image)
[Setup – A Different Drum]
The Garland Cult – Pity Party (Daybehaviour Mix)
[Talking With Aliens – Electric Fantastic Sound]
Blue October – Nervous Energy
[One Day Silver, One Day Gold – Cryonica Music]
Killing Ophelia – Sea Of Sin
[Bright Lights, Dark Room – Cryonica Music]

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